Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Go! Go! 575 (2014)

As part of a multimedia project consisting of an iPhone app, a PlayStation Vita game and an anime, Go!  Go!  575 consist of four episodes plus one special, all approximately three and a half minutes each.  Due to the short length, there isn't much happening.  It stars the two protagonists Azuki and Matcha, who goes to high school and decides to create traditional 5-7-5 poems (i.e. 5 syllables, then 7 syllables and then 5 syllables), coupled with dancing, to eventually upload to the internet.  It falls within the slice-of-life genre and they gain another member, Yuzu, soon after, although she has fantasies of Azuki and Matcha being a romantic pairing.

The special also introduces another character.  Each episode follows a similar structure being the characters talk, then they would get wet somehow or another (falling in a pond, heavy rain etc) to which they end up at the local public bathhouse to wash up and stating their 5-7-5 poem for the episode.  Overall, Go!  Go!  575 is an average anime purely because there is no enough time to fully flesh out the characters and plot.  What we do have to establish the characters are likeable but also stereotypical.


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