Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wake Up, Girls! Seishun no Kage (2015)

Wake Up, Girls!  Seishun no Kage is the movie sequel to the 2014 anime series, continuing directly from where it ended.  The group of seven, while having lost the Idol Festival 2014, has managed to score a contract with a huge record company and is now breaking their way into Tokyo.  Like the anime, the film showcases the struggles that the group has to face and overcome, especially in the competitive environment of this massive city.  Once again, the group has their flaws pointed out to them and they strive to improve.  Having to face the realities of not only being popular, but also profit making, they release their first CD single hoping to make a splash.  The humor is better than the anime series, feeling more natural.  The group is torn between Sendai where they truly broke out, and Tokyo, where their potential lies, and the film really makes it clear how tough a decision it can be.  As the viewer has journeyed with the group from their humble beginnings, they are cheering them on, even when everyone else does otherwise.  I-1 Club is brought into the mix as per normal; the 50 min film really does feel like a two-episode extension of the anime since it doesn’t really have a unique standalone plot of its own.  Despite that, it’s interesting until the ending where you realized that it was just all a setup for the sequel film, but at least it makes up for it somewhat by showcasing a new song although you get the idea that the plot structure feels like it has come full circle and is going to repeat.  Overall, for those who enjoyed the anime, then this film is right up your alley.


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