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Toy Review: Transformers Movie the Best MB-13 Bonecrusher

Review:  #444
Name:  Bonecrusher
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  Movie the Best
Year of Release:  2018
Size Class:  Deluxe
Mold Status:  repaint of the original 2007 Movie's Bonecrusher


Interestingly, after a one year hiatus, the Movie the Best line returns with multiple waves and Bonecrusher is one of them.

He comes in a really nice windowed box and artwork of his iconic pose in the movie.


Bonecrusher has an extremely unique vehicle mode, being a Buffalo mine-protected vehicle.  The distinguishing feature here is the claw used to clear away mines.

He features six rolling wheels in this mode and the fourth pair of wheels, the spare ones on the sides, are painted.  This couldn't be avoided since it forms a part of the transformation.

One of the things about using older molds is that you come to realize how much more solid they seem to feel in your hands.  Above is a comparison against Movie Wreckage, and they're around the same size.

The windows are painted a metallic blue with some sparkle and a "Bonecrusher" tampograph.  Compared with the original release, the beige is lighter.

Of course, the main play value, and draw, in vehicle mode is the claw.  It's articulated with two hinge joints.  Unfortunately, it cannot rotate and the gearing mechanic takes up one-third of the length and is a solid piece where another hinge there would have been handy.

The claw can also split into two to form a more conventional claw.  His "automorph" feature is that pulling on the lever will automatically split the claws.  It doesn't work very well though.

A fantastic vehicle mode with plenty of play value thanks to the claw.


While simple in theory, the figure does a great job at translating the movie model into toy form without making it too complicated.  Basically, the top half forms the arms and the bottom half forms the legs but there are a few neat twists here and there to make it more screen accurate.  However, the spare wheels form the torso and they are supposed to clip onto the torso piece but it likes to dislodge and doesn't clip on properly.


Considering the toy technology back when it was released and the complexity of the designs, it's surprising at how well this Deluxe figure captures the character.

The claw splits into two and sits on his back giving Bonecrusher a unique look.  The main pieces of kibble are on his arms since they awkwardly just hang off there.

The headsculpt is really good and captures the angry frustrated look of the character.

Size-wise, he's almost as tall as a normal Deluxe which is surprising since he looks wider than he is tall.

Despite having wheels for feet, Bonecrusher is super stable thanks to the four spikes surrounding the wheels that acts as heelspurs at whatever angle the feet at.

While having the standard combination of hips and knees for the legs, the arm articulation is restricted since the shoulders rotate and lift up as well as rotating, but he doesn't have proper elbows.

The lack of elbows is somewhat alleviated thanks to his extending arms.  You can unfold his forearms making it much longer, while gaining another joint for his "elbow" (where his wrist used to be).

Of course, the claw on his back can be used for attack and it splits into four pieces but you can angle them however you like.

This is an awesome robot mode despite the restricted arm articulation.  He looks menacing and packs in plenty of play value.


Bonecrusher is an excellent mold.  If you missed out on the original release and later repaints, then this is a great substitute.  It has the best paint job yet and even 10 years later, the figure's design is excellent and even surpasses some recent figures.


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