Friday, September 29, 2017

Sausage Party (2016)

Despite the friendly looking animation style, Sausage Party is a R-rated animation targeted towards adults.  It takes the premise on what if food is sentient (but that humans are unaware of that).  Following a sausage named Frank and his romantic interest, a bun called Brenda along with some other food casts, they discover the real truth of what happens when food is bought and taken outside the supermarket.  Surprisingly, the film presents this concept in an interesting and thought-provoking way, cleverly integrating what is going on in the food's minds compared to what actually happens in reality.  For example, baby carrots running away is depicted as rolling off the table.  The humour is skewed towards the cruder side but almost all of the jokes and gags work, which is no small feat.  There is a tad bit too much swearing for no good reason since every two sentences or so will be punctuated by multiple swear words, it loses its impact after the opening scenes.  The characters are likeable and memorable, although a bit stereotypical in some of their personalities, their individual quirks are cleverly reflective of the origins of their food.  The plot is engaging and keeps the viewers interesting on how it is going to end as how can there be a satisfactory end for both the food and the humans?  The finale wasn't disappointing and was a lot of fun, although bit grim and gory (the film doesn't show gore onscreen but it is implied).  The final scene where the characters become self-aware is a bit out of place but otherwise, Sausage Party is a funny film that doesn't hold back.

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