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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Titans Return Perceptor & Convex

Review:  #403
Name:  Perceptor
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Titans Return
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Deluxe (Wave 4)
Mold Status:  new


Convex is the Titan Master for Perceptor and he is cast in black and red.

Like the rest of the line, he has the robot face on his back and articulation is limited to balljointed shoulders and head.

The black plastic used means it is hard to make out the sculpting on the figure.


Unlike the previous Generations figure, this version of Perceptor is much more akin to his G1 version and transforms into a microscope.

It is function although the tray relies more on friction to prevent it from drooping since the piece has a few more joints than it needs.

Interactivity with Titan Masters is only limited to placing them on the tray for inspection (which is admittedly pretty cool).  You also only lay the Titan Master on the tray since it doesn't peg in, and there are no other spots to secure any Titan Masters.

In terms of size, Perceptor is somewhat small and light due to the nature of the alternate mode and the way the transformation was designed (he is mostly hollow).

The dial works and can be rotated to extend the lens.  You can peer through the scope but the magnification is too large for it to be clear.

As with all figures in the Titans Return, Perceptor comes with a card showcasing the artwork.

The gun can be propped up and a Titan Master be used to man it.

However, you can also peg the gun onto the back of the microscope to store it.

A strong alternate mode that has additional playability thanks to the working lens.


Transformation to tank mode is not an involved process and only uses a few steps away from microscope mode.  You rotate the legs 180 degrees then angle the scope as a cannon, flip the tank treads up and you're done.


This mode is undocumented in the instructions and not shown in the stock photos but Perceptor can transform into a tank mode akin to his original toy.

Of course, it's not a great tank mode but this is just extra playability.

As the tank mode has more of the figure laying flatter against the table, he appears larger.

This mode is definitely intended because there are dedicated pieces for the tank treads (which are painted no less) and when the figure was first revealed, this mode was included.

Convex can stand on the sides of the tank using the pegs (he can also be positioned to be standing behind the cannon).

The gun can be pegged onto the sides.  There are also three plastic wheels underneath which allows this mode to roll.

Overall, while this is a weak mode, it is a nice bonus.


Transformation isn't too hard but interesting to see how the torso collapses for robot mode.  The way he is engineered means that he has a hollow torso and none of the pieces truly lock into place..


Perceptor's robot mode is much more athletic than the G1 toy yet still retaining some bulkiness.

The scope can stay on his back but it is proportionally huge and causes balancing issues.  You can fold down the tank treads to provide some makeshift heelspurs to alleviate this though.

The headsculpt is faceplate-less and painted silver with yellow eyes, looking fantastic.

Perceptor is shorter than most Deluxes in robot mode so he's a small figure overall.

Obviously, the scope can be rotated onto his shoulder as a shoulder cannon which looks very powerful.

Unfortunately, if you use it as a shoulder cannon this blocks all movement for his head, especially since it was already impeded by joints right behind the head which is a huge design flaw.

Articulation is strong as he has all the standard joints.

Perceptor's other weapon is a sniper rifle.

Perceptor has just enough articulation to hold the sniper rifle with both hands (he doesn't have wrist swivels).

The scope can easily detach and be used as another handheld weapon.

The other use for the gun is to peg it onto the outside of his forearm.

Lastly, if you don't want to use the gun it can store on his back.

A solid robot mode with the flaws being restricted head and lack of heelspurs.


Perceptor is a simple figure which can be a disappointment considering the number of innovative transformation schemes that this line has provided, however, he is still heaps of fun.  The microscope mode contains heaps of play value, thank tank mode is a bonus and he has a few weapon options in robot mode.


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