Thursday, November 2, 2017

Book Review: The World God Only Knows Vol. 5

Review:  #699
Title:  The World God Only Knows Vol. 5
Series:  The World God Only Knows - 5th volume
Author:  Tamiki Wakaki
Read Before:  no
Comments:  The scenarios are definitely getting better.  In this volume, we see the completion of Jun Nagase, a student teacher, and also Tsukiko, a second-year whose only friend is her doll and is fixated in astronomy.  Nagase’s arc had some interesting elements, such as her overbearing passion, however, the way Keima won her heart in the end felt like another leap in logic.  The journey was fine but it was just that last step.  Similarly for Tsukiko, the journey was excellent, you could actually start feeling the bonds grow between Keima and her but the ending felt rushed and you had to read it twice in order to understand was happened.  The gaming references made by Keima is humorous and his dry sarcastic nature is what makes him a likeable character, despite being unpopular amongst his classmates.
Rating:  6/10

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