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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Titans Return Seaspray

Review:  #414
Name:  Seaspray
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Titans Return
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Legends (Wave 5)
Mold Status:  new


Seaspray transforms into a hovercraft as you would expect.  This is a fantastic hovercraft with plenty of meaningful paint applications.

The only negative here, and it is slight, is that the robot fists are visible from behind.  The propellers are able to spin as well, which is awesome.

Seaspray part of the Legends size class, but he is actually a little bit larger than your typical Legends (and it is not fake size either, since he is solid in this mode with no hollow sections).  Above is a size comparison against Generations Swerve.

He comes with an artwork card but unusually, it features artwork of his alternate mode, rather than the robot.

Finally, as part of the Titans Return line, while it is undocumented in the instructions, the back section can lift up to fit a Titan Master.

This is a really good alternate mode.  The only way to improve this is if they had added in plastic wheels so that he could roll on a table.


The transformation is simple but it works well.  The knees has tight joints which make the collapsing back into hovercraft mode more annoying than it should be.  Otherwise, nothing here will surprise you.  The back form the arms, the front unfolds to become the legs, and you flip a panel down to reveal the head.


This Seaspray is much more accurate to the previous Sea Spray toy from a few years ago, from the huge feet to the bulky torso (to the point of being tubby).

He features no kibble and is a clean robot overall.

The headsculpt is great, it is painted yellow and thus a different shade of yellow to the plastic.  It is on a swivel but since it's situated behind the two propellers, getting your finger in there to turn it can be slightly difficult.

Size-wise, he is more in line with other Legends figures.

His poseability is as good as you'd want with balljoints shoulders, elbows and hips.  He has thigh swivels and hinged knees.  Thanks to transformation, the feet can also be tilted up and down slightly to adjust for dynamic poses.

His large feet helps keep him stable and his centre of gravity is low enough such that he doesn't keel over backwards despite not having any heelspurs.

He comes with a weapon, which is a missile launcher.

Despite having 5mm fist holes, the missile launcher is specially designed for Seaspray to be "held" via pegging it against a slot above the fist.

If you wish to give him a more G1 accurate tubby torso, you can leave the missile launcher where it was in alternate mode.

The paint applications on his torso look fantastic, and the sculpting is great.

A fantastic robot mode that nicely updates the G1 figure.


With all the recent G1 homages, Seaspray's version had been long overdue.  What we do get is amazing and everything you'd hope.  It is the G1 figure with updated contemporary engineering, having two great modes and plenty of articulation, be sure to try and track him down, even though he is in the very last wave of Titans Return making it a little bit difficult to find him.


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