Friday, April 21, 2017

The Internship (2013)

While basically advertising Google as a great place to work in, The Internship offers a little bit more.  It has a predictable story about underdogs working together great as a team and triumphing but it works quite well.  Billy and Nick are middle aged and having lost their jobs as a salesman in a technologically evolving age, they decided to go for the position of interns at Google, for a chance to get a full time position.  Obviously, they are surrounded by people in the early twenties and being the outcasts, they form a team of questionable ability.  Only one team will be able to secure full time positions which seems quite brutal in a company about inclusiveness.  Everything about the plot is predictable but it doesn't make it any less interesting.  The antagonist is suitably annoying and the way Nick and Billy gets by is what you'd expect.  There were a few scenes where it felt out of place, such as the night club sequence or the last challenge's submission during the ending.  As a comedy, it works more often than it doesn't, with some fun puns but it resorts to crude humour a little bit too much.  Overall, a better film than expected.

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