Friday, April 28, 2017

Tropic Thunder (2008)

Tropic Thunder is an action comedy film where the plot is a little bit different than expected.  It starts off well with some fake commercials and movie trailers, and then begins proper with the arguing cast filming a war movie.  It breaks down and blows the budget, in a stroke of inspiration, the director decides to throw the cast into the jungles of Vietnam into a style of reality show.  Using the footage of the cast trekking out of the jungle with some staged scenes, they hoped to make the movie out of this.  Of course, it isn't that easy and they have mistakenly entered into the domain of a real drug gang.  This allows the movie to have numerous humourous scenes and Tropic Thunder isn't shy to make fun of anything and everything.  The characters are over-the-top exaggerated personalisations and some of the dialogue are clever.  When Tropic Thunder works, it's fantastic but a lot of the film does get bogged down by scenes that doesn't make sense or tries too hard to be funny such that it fails.  Overall, it's entertaining and has some very memorable scenes.

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