Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Book Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 9

Review:  #728
Title:  Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 9
Series:  Neon Genesis Evangelion - 9th volume
Author:  Yoshihuki Sadamoto
Read Before:  no
Comments: After the slower previous volume, this ninth volume increases the amount of action with the appearances of unorthodox angels.  We knew that the angels were varied but the two that appear in this volume has interesting abilities that is not necessary physical abilities.  Couple this with the introduction of the fifth child, a pilot that can use Asuka’s Eva unit with ease, alluding to being similar in nature to Rei and it drums up the mystery.  As Gendo furthers his own agenda, and Shinji is getting back into the swing of things but grappling to get back into normal life (especially since his best friend has died, when he couldn’t help, how can he face his other friends?), it’s an intriguing development.  Unfortunately, the fifth child is not likeable at all, with a lack of understanding of empathy, which is the only negative of the volume.
Rating:  7/10
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