Monday, March 19, 2018

Book Review: The World God Only Knows Vol. 15

Review:  #731
Title:  The World God Only Knows Vol. 15
Series:  The World God Only Knows - 15th volume
Author:  Tamiki Wakaki
Read Before:  no
Comments:  This volume has some of the funny scenarios that we have seen within the series.  The plot is moving forward nicely with resolution for two of the Goddesses.  Not only has Keima unlocked the one within Tsukiyo, foiled Vintage’s plot so far and released the goddess within Yui, he is making progress towards Shiori.  Keima, with his infinite charm, has made various characters show their affections for them, and the characters’ surprise at that, and their denials, make it even funnier when they take it out on Keima.  While the things that Keima had to do in order to achieve such success would be labelled as extremely weird and perverted in real life, it works well within this world.  The artwork continues to improve and we even get a few glimpses of other supporting characters turning out once in a while, although it can get confusing with the various concurrent conquests going on.
Rating:  7.5/10
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