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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Beachcomber

Review:  #435
Name:  Beachcomber
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Power of the Primes
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Legends (Wave 1)
Mold Status:  new


Beachcomber transforms into a blue buggy type vehicle that is the perfect update to the G1 character.

While he looks great from the front, the back has a big hollow gap where you can see the head inside.  It would have been nice if the designer could have used a panel to fill the gap in vehicle mode.

As part of the Legends size class, Beachcomber is fairly small (this is the second smallest size class of the line).  Above is a comparison against Titans Return Brawn.

A card with the character artwork on it is included in every figure, note that the back have 12 different possibilities but the artwork always remain the same.

The cages can open for you to put in a Titan Master inside, which is great in terms of additional play value.  Otherwise, Beachcomber can roll.

This is a fantastic vehicle mode and while the arms on the side is a little bit obvious and the gap in the back is disappointing, it is still very nice.


A simplistic transformation since the character doesn't need anything more complicated.  The vehicle collapses to pop out the head and form the torso, while you flip the front to form the legs and pull the sides apart for the arms.


Robot mode is every bit as stellar as vehicle mode and evokes the character well.

He has a little bit of kibble being half the cage on his back, the other half cleverly form heel spurs.

The headsculpt is simple by accurate.  It is on a balljointed thus it has a great range of motion.

Size-wise, he is a little bit shorter than Brawn.

Beachcomber has standard articulation with balljointed shoulders, elbows, head and hips.  His knees are hinged and there's no waist joint.

The proportions are such that the legs are shorter and the waist long, so some poses don't look as great.

A solid figure with no flaws.


Beachcomber is a great little figure that doesn't have any significant flaws.  The vehicle is slightly weaker due to the gappy back but otherwise, he's a lot of fun (but it's a shame that he doesn't have any included weapons at all).


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