Friday, January 26, 2018

Signs (2002)

Signs is a science fiction thriller in which a farmer finds a crop circle one morning.  Suspiciously, the crop circles were showing up everywhere around the world.  Surprisingly, the film goes down the route of actually stating that they were used as signs for the aliens, and what's more, we get a glimpse of the aliens.  Unfortunately, Signs is mostly downhill because the pacing is extremely slow, filled with domestics events that doesn't add much to the overall mystery of the aliens' objectives.  The main characters aren't too likeable and while a lot of effort has been made to flesh out their backstories, by the end of the film, you still feel like you don't know them very well.  The finale felt like a cheap way to end the story of the alien invasion and there was no suspense at all during the climax despite the film's best efforts.  Overall, Signs has a tense atmosphere in some places, but for most of the film, it is lacking too much meaningful events.

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