Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wake Up, Girls! - Seven Idols (2014)

Wake Up, Girls! is the film that introduces the seven-member idol group of the same name and marks the beginning of an anime series.  This is a 50 minute film and pretty much tells an origin story of how the group got together.  Green Leaves, a small local production company based in Sendai, is about to collapse and decides to go with the flow and create an idol group of their own, most of the film is spent scouting talent.  These members come from a variety of backgrounds and most are everyday teenager girls.  However, most of the film spends time on Shimada Mayu, a former lead of a popular idol group, and how the manager of Green leaves, Matsuda, tries to recruit her.  The plot isn't boring per se but since the ending is predictable (obviously Matsuda succeeds in getting Mayu to join, otherwise the group cannot form) but it seems somewhat lacking.  Most noteworthy is the absence of background music for a large portion of the film, which feels weird.  The end result of when the idol group performs their debut concert is nice and worth the wait.  Wake Up, Girls! - Seven Idols is average but hopefully will become better when it leads into the anime series.

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