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Toy Review: Transformers Legends LG-55 Slugslinger

Review:  #430
Name:  Slugslinger
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  Legends
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Deluxe
Mold Status:  heavy remold of Generations Titans Return Triggerhappy


As part of the Legends line (the Japanese equivalent of Generations Titans Return), Slugslinger comes in a box with a clear window.

The packaging is very nice and designed in such a way that it is easy enough to put the figure back into the box without destroying it.

The instructions booklet has a nice piece of artwork in the front.

Furthermore, there is a two-page comic.


Slugslinger comes with a Headmaster (unnamed in this Japanese release).  It's fairly well painted with gold shoulders, silver face and red visor.

Articulation is limited to balljointed shoulders and balljointed head.


Slugslinger transforms into a dual-cockpit jet.  The blue looks very nice in person, although the jet itself lacks proper landing gear.

The rear is formed by the folded up robot legs so is somewhat lacking, although the silver thrusters looks great.

Above is a comparison against Legends Brainstorm.  Being a jet, Slugslinger feels sizable in hand.

Slugslinger is also a heavy remold of Triggerhappy (along with Misfire).  In jet mode, only the rear is shared between the two characters.

For this release, instead of packaging in a Titans Return vehicle, TakaraTomy ended up giving us brand new Targetmaster molds, thus, Caliburst is included along with the Headmaster.

The Headmaster can sit in a space behind the two cockpits.  Unfortunately, the cockpits themselves are too small for Headmasters or Titan Masters.

While Caliburst in gun mode can be pegged on the fuselage.

This is a fantastic, if a little bit unorthodox, jet.


Let's focus on Caliburst for now, the new Targetmaster in this set.  He has silver forearms and shins.

The barrel sits on his back and is made from clear plastic, with bits of silver, which feels somewhat tacky and messy.

The head is well painted with a gold face and red visor.

Caliburst is fairly small, above is a comparison against RiD (2015) Legion Sideswipe, where you see that he is much smaller than your typical Legion classed figure.

Articulation is great except for one aspect, his hips.  While he has a swivel neck, balljoined arms and knees, his hips are only on forward swivels and that limits the poses he can achieve without losing his balance.

Caliburst can also transform into gun mode to be held by Slugslinger.


To transform Slugslinger into robot mode, is actually quite simple.  He shares a very similar transformation scheme with Misfire in that you unfold the rear to form the legs, fold the wings up and pull the arms up and then peg the shoulders next to the torso.  Flip the cockpit onto his back and peg in the head.  You're done.


Slugslinger's robot mode is pretty good with plenty of sculpted details and enough painted highlights to make him visually appealing.

He carries a lot of kibble on his back being both cockpits and the wings which sit outside his thighs.

The headsculpt is great although there is a weird circular sculpting around his mouth.

Slugslinger is bulky although his legs are hollow when viewed from the back.

In robot mode, you can see that only the legs are shared between him and Triggerhappy, everything else is brand new.

Articulation is quite good, especially with the ankle tilts allowing him to balance in heaps of poses.

Sharing a color scheme with Caliburst also helps in making the pair feel like a proper team.

Slugslinger can hold Caliburst in gun mode in either hand and the size of the gun is just perfect (all too often, the weapon is usually too big for the figure to look natural).

The hip joints rely on friction to stay in place so there may be comes where it comes loose when moving his legs.

The wings don't get in the way either, which is something you wouldn't have expected at first glance.

A strong robot mode.


Slugslinger is a great toy with two fantastic modes and an extra Targetmaster (granted, you're paying quite a bit for Caliburst).  The transformation is solid and even if you have Triggerhappy, there are plenty of new things here that he doesn't feel like a typical lazy remold/repaint.  Slugslinger, whether this Legends version, or the Titans Return version, is quite worthy of a purchase.


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