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Toy Review: Transformers The Last Knight Sideswipe (Tiny Turbo Changer)

Review:  #429
Name:  Sideswipe
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  The Last Knight
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Tiny Turbo Changer (Wave 1)
Mold Status:  new


As part of the Tiny Turbo Changer line, Sideswipe comes in a blind bag, but you can tell from printed letters on the packaging who is in what.  Sideswipe is the one with the letter "K".

Based upon his ROTF form, Sideswipe transforms into a grey sports car.  Quite deformed and various things changed that it only slightly resembles the Corvette Stingray vehicle.

The back is broken up since that's where the robot head lies.  All the paint in this mode was used for the wheels.

Above is a comparison against RiD (2015) Twinferno.  Sideswipe is significantly smaller than a Legion figure.

It is an okay vehicle mode.  The wheels do not roll since it uses the minimum number of separate plastic parts as it can.


While simple, the transformation is surprising in how it works.  You flip the hood back as a backpack, and this is where it surprises you since the figure uses the actual front vehicle wheels as the robot feet, it's not fake kibble.  Otherwise, you then pull the arms out from the sides of the car and you're done.


For its size and simplistic transformation, Sideswipe's robot mode is pretty good.  As mentioned, his wheels are the actual vehicle front wheels which is impressive.

He has the front of the vehicle on his back, somewhat emulating the kibble wings of the character model.  Despite this huge piece of kibble, he stands very securely thanks to the molding of his feet, he doesn't keel over backwards easily.

The headsculpt is a bit deformed.  He has blue eyes, the only other piece of paint apart from the wheels on his feet.

It's much more evident in robot mode at how small he is.

Articulation is limited to only swinging his shoulders.  The sculpting is intricate, there's a lot packed in here.

A surprisingly good robot mode, with the sculpting having the doors extending beyond his hands to mimic his swords.


Like the other Tiny Turbo Changers, Sideswipe is surprisingly well designed for his size and price point.  Being cast from soft rubbery plastic, he feels weird in hand but is otherwise a strong little figure.


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