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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Mixmaster

Review:  #248
Name:  Mixmaster
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticons
Line:  Generations - Combiner Wars
Year of Release:  2015
Size Class:  Voyager
Variations:  SDCC version has more paint applications; TakaraTomy version has more paint applications and remolded elbows


Mixmaster transforms into a front discharge cement mixer which looks really odd, even though such a configuration exists.

The most puzzling aspect is the fact that the rear looks like a cab as well, and is only like that because it forms Devastator's feet.  It makes the choice of Mixmaster being a front-discharge even harder to understand.

As you would expect, the drum is fixed and is naturally so due to transformation.  All six wheels roll.

There's no shortage of excellent sculpted details, however, there is nowhere near enough paint to highlight it, causing the truck to look bland from various angles.

Mixmaster is officially classified as a Voyager classed figure, and he lives up to the name, clearing being much bigger than a Deluxe too.

Here he is with MP Bumblebee as well.

Needless to say, he looks fantastic with the rest of the Constructicons.

Despite looking odd at first glance, Mixmaster's vehicle mode is quite decent, solid and fun to play with.


Converting Mixmaster from vehicle to robot mode is surprisingly simple.  His legs unfold from the front, the arms from the side and the only interesting part is that you flip back the rear, flip up the head and then reattach the rear.  While simple, it works and the quickness of transformations make him fun to go between the two modes.


Mixmaster's robot mode is quite good.  The blocky aesthetics coupled with the abundance of purple and other painted details makes for an attractive robot.

Unfortunately, he wears the drum in its entirely on his back, thankfully it is hollow so it doesn't make him backheavy.  There is also a huge chunk of kibble which is the rear of the vehicle sitting behind his head, while G1 accurate, it's a bit of an eyesore.

Consistent with the rest of the team, the headsculpt is excellent and packs in a lot of details.  It can swivel side to side but you need to wedge your fingers in there due to the overhead kibble.

Mixmaster has huge feet which helps in stabilizing the robot mode.

Mixmaster retains Voyager classed height, while also feeling bulky and hefty to boot (even though he has more than his fair share of hollow parts).

A few people are going to use this version as a MP stand-in and he works quite well in that case.

Poseability is good, Mixmaster has nearly all the joints you need, missing just a waist swivel.

While he has an elbow hinge as well as swivels, the way it is jointed means that the swivels don't work as naturally as you would expect (the swivel is below the joint).  Also, for some odd reason, the hinge is right on the outside of the arm where it doesn't need to be.

The instructions and stock photos does not actually tell you which weapons goes with Mixmaster, so I just took it off the BotCon displays.  I gave Mixmaster Devastator's right chest piece which doubles up as a sword now.

Granted, it is not a great sword but what can you do with this piece of combiner kibble?

He can hold the sword in either hand and Mixmaster has ankle swivels to stay flat in any dynamic pose you want to put him in.

Of course, Mixmaster looks fantastic with the rest of the Constructicons.

A good robot mode that's presents a great update to the G1 figure.


Mixmaster presents a good update to the G1 toy.  As a standalone, he is decent and fun enough.  Considering that he is also part of a combiner, it is impressive that he didn't have to compromise anything that crucial.  The big backpacks are the only drawbacks of an otherwise fun and simple figure.


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