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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Scavenger

Review:  #247
Name:  Scavenger
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticons
Line:  Generations - Combiner Wars
Year of Release:  2015
Size Class:  Voyager
Variations:  SDCC version has more paint applications; TakaraTomy version has more paint applications and remolded knees


Scavenger transforms into a green and purple shovel.  He's in the classic and iconic Constructicon color scheme which is at once quite ugly yet nostaglic.

On the whole, this is a good shovel mode although you can see some robot bits from the back.

However, there are some intricate sculpted detailing surrounding the whole figure.  Shame most of it is unpainted, therefore it blends into the rest of the figure.

The only play value here is that the shovel is jointed.  However, there's only two joints in the arms so it is quite limited.

For some reason, there's also a swivel in the middle although it looks weird when you try to use it.

Scavenger's biggest downfall is the lack of paint to break up the green (although not as bad as Bonecrusher).  An annoying thing is that they only bothered to paint the windows of three of the four sides!

While touted as a Voyager classed figure, in terms of sheer size, he is more in between Deluxe and Voyager, however, he does feel quite hefty.

Another quick comparison with MP Bumblebee.

Needless to say, Scavenger looks fantastic with the rest of the Constructicons.

A decent alternate mode that does it's job.


Simple but effective.  There are no surprises here but it is a solid transformation scheme overall.  He is surprisingly well tabbed in both modes and so it can take a bit of force to untab everything at the beginning.


Scavenger's robot mode is my favorite out of the whole set.  The silver chest really pops and the combination of a purple in the lower body and green on top makes him the most visually interesting.

Unfortunately, he carries the shovel on his back as kibble.  Nothing you can do about it though and it is generally out of the way.

The headsculpt is just absolutely amazing.  It brings out so much character and the detailing is impressive.

Scavenger has a very blocky aesthetic, which should keep G1 fans happy.

He expands a lot during transformation and his height is on par with other Voyagers.

A lot of people are wanting to use Combiner Wars Scavenger as a stand-in for the Masterpiece line and he does look good, with enough sculpted details to not look too out of place.

Poseability is really good.  He doesn't lack any of the crucial joints.  I actually have no problems with the balljointed knees so not sure why TakaraTomy went ahead and remolded them into hinges for the Japanese version.  Scavenger also features ankle swivels which was a surprise.

He has a decent footprint such that he's stable in a wide variety of poses.

Another annoying thing is that the instructions are absolutely useless in determining which weapon go to who.  The stock photos does show Scavenger with the missile pods (i.e. Devastator's arms) so that's his assigned weapon.

In order to hold it (and it took me a short while to figure out as the instructions does not show weapons), you fold Devastator's hand such that the back is facing the bottom and then you can unfold a 5mm peg.

It is a decent weapon, considering that it is just combiner kibble.  Scavenger can hold it in either hand and be placed in some wicked poses.

Scavenger also looks great with the rest of the Constructicons.

Scavenger's robot mode has character and is a clear winner.


My personal favorite out of the individual robots.  Scavenger has two great modes with the robot mode edging out to be the better one.  The extensive paint applications in robot mode makes him less bland and stand out a lot more than you would expect.  Not only that but he feels very solid and hefty in your hands.


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