Sunday, October 29, 2017

Book Review: The World God Only Knows Vol. 4

Review:  #698
Title:  The World God Only Knows Vol. 4
Series:  The World God Only Knows - 4th volume
Author:  Tamiki Wakaki
Read Before:  no
Comments:  The fourth volume covers the Chihiro arc, who, up until now, was only a supporting side character.  It’s ironic that she is depicted as the more normal and generic of characters, with no unique traits.  Yet, this is what makes her one of the most interesting encounters as Keima is stumped at how to approach her.  The encounters don’t seem as rushed but there is still quite a leap required at the end when Keima wins Chihiro’s heart.  There are a few chapters of random events in between the girls, some of which are funny, some of which are just plain odd.  It ends with the start of the next heroine and once again, the author changes it up a bit, now being a student teacher.
Rating:  6/10

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