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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Titans Return Windblade & Scorchfire

Review:  #411
Name:  Windblade
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Titans Return
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Deluxe (Wave 5)
Mold Status:  heavy remold of Titans Return Highbrow


Windblade's Titan Master is Scorchfire, a predominantly black robot with a painted white face.

Windblade's head can be seen on its back.

Articulation is limited to balljointed shoulders and head.


Another Generations line, and surprisingly, yet another Windblade toy.  This time around, she transforms into the familiar black and red VTOL jet.

It is a much bulkier jet this time around with the rear being the robot legs (as per normal) but doesn't quite fit the contour of the jet.  The robot hands are also visible.

Above is a comparison against Generations Armada Starscream and you can see that Windblade is a bit bigger, although she is a lot lighter too.

With a comparison against the previous two Windblade toys (being Generations and RiD), Titans Return has a lot more red which actually makes it better.  The jet mode is also a lot more stable.

As part of the line, a card is included with the figure.

The cockpit opens up to allow Scorchfire to sit in there.

The robot weapons can attach underneath each wing.

You can also combine the weapons together to form a rail gun for Scorchfire.

The VTOL fans can be tilted at an angle as you so desire.

A solid jet mode.  While a bit bulky the fact that it does not feel flimsy while still retaining aerodynamic makes it better than the other two Windblade figures.


Disappointingly simple at first.  Only because the simplicity grows on you and makes the figure a lot more fun and stable.  The back unfolds to form the robot legs, the arms lift up from the sides, and the cockpit folds onto the back to reveal the head, and then finally you collapse the torso together.


Windblade's robot mode will take some getting used to but it (hopefully) will eventually grow on you.

She carries a huge chunk of kibble on her back, being the cockpit.  Despite its large size, as it is hollow, it doesn't impede much of her balance.

The headsculpt is quite nice but of course, is ruined by the large block back of the head due to the Titan Master gimmick.

While still retaining a clear female silhouette, this is the bulkiest Windblade that we've gotten.  Height-wise, she is pretty on par with most Deluxe figures.

The biggest negative is the thick thighs.  You might have been confused when it is said that Windblade is a heavy remold of Highbrow (and thus by extension, Scourge), well, the only shared parts and engineering are the thighs and the collapsing torso, everything else is new.

Poseability is good but the hips are on ratchets, and the spacing between the "clicks" are too far apart so one click means she can't stand at attention anymore while no clicks means her legs are too close together.

Otherwise she has swivels and balljoints in all the appropriate areas.  The sculpting on the torso is also quite nice with well defined armored plates.

Her weapons are a pair of swords, cast in transparent yellow with silver paint, it looks fantastic.

She can hold the swords in both hands but you have to be careful as she has open-thumbed fists, you can stress and tear them off if you tried to rush forcing the swords into her hands.

What makes these weapons so great is that they are slightly longer than your typical sword, making Windblade look that much more dangerous and wicked.

You can combine the swords together to form a larger one, it's not official but still looks great.

When not in use, they can store on her back.

A strong robot mode that eventually grows on you, yes, even the thunder thighs.


Windblade is a case of where simplicity works.  Both modes are simple, and the transformation is simple, however, this meant a really solid figure that fun to play.  The twin swords are heaps of fun (and much less finnicky than the sword and scabbard combo of previous figures).  The only negatives are the huge chunk of kibble and thick thighs.  Otherwise, Windblade is worth a purchase.


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