Friday, October 13, 2017

Steins;Gate: The Movie - Load Region of Deja Vu (2013)

Load Region of Deja Vu takes place one year after the events of Steins;Gate (anime or game, take your pick).  It's best to have watched both the anime and played the game since the movie references the final episode of the anime which was never in the game (the one where Okabe visits America and kisses Makise) and the multiple endings of the game that was never in the anime.  Makise returns to Japan and meets up with the whole gang and the plot is slow paced in the beginning, it still never really picks up.  What makes the movie shine though is the interaction between Okabe and Makise, further cementing that their relationship is something special and unique.  In an interesting twist of fate, the roles are reversed and Makise is the one that has to save Okabe now.  Instead of introducing new concepts out of nowhere, the movie takes existing concepts and expertly crafts a new premise, making the plot feel more natural even though it can feel superficial since the original had such a closed ending.  The ending of Load Region of Deja Vu is probably the best aspect of the movie and made the whole runtime worthwhile since it retcons an important aspect of Okabe's life, completing a full circle and bringing a smile to you face.  Overall, of course the movie is definitely one for the fans since newcomers will be confused but it is a solid intriguing standalone story serving as a great epilogue.

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