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Toy Review: Transformers Timelines Skywarp

Review:  #410
Name:  Skywarp
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  Timelines
Year of Release:  2016
Size Class:  Deluxe
Mold Status:  remold of Generations Armada Starscream


Skywarp was released exclusively by the Transformers Collectors' Club in 2016 and as such, comes in a fancy box with excellent artwork.

Opening it up will reveal the figure inside encased in foam.

He also comes with a pamphlet with a piece of the story and product catalogue for the Club's (overpriced) toys.

The artwork is not too bad but since this is part 5 of the story, good luck trying to understand it if you haven't already been following it.


Now, onto the main reason, the figure itself.  The jet mode looks great with Skywarp's iconic black and purple color scheme.

The rear is a bit disappointing since it is just the folded up robot legs, and the arms are visible behind the wings.

Size-wise, Skywarp is average for a Deluxe.  Above is a comparison against RiD (2015) Warrior Windblade.

Like the original toy, Skywarp is a remold of Generations Armada Starscream.  The remold can be seen here since the fin on the robot's head sticks up between the air intakes.  Of note is that all the purple paint used has a rough texture to it, it's not the standard smooth glossy paint that we're used to.  This makes it feel like it'll chip easier.

A fantastic jet mode.  The design itself was already strong but the color scheme just makes it perfect.


Simple but fun.  It doesn't update that much from the original toy with the arms folding down from under the wings, the nose folding down to form the torso and the rear unfolding to become the legs.  The air intakes are all one piece now, which can fold onto his back or left resting on the robot's shoulders.


The robot mode is equally striking in this color scheme.

Unlike the original toy, the air intakes are one piece and can be folded down onto his back so that it's not sticking out or obstructing his head.

Skywarp has a brand new headsculpt and it looks pretty good.  Although with a lot of the Collectors' Club's headsculpts, it is a bit squished when viewed from the side.

Again, Skywarp is approximately average height for a Deluxe in this mode.

A comparison against the original usage of this mold.  Being an expensive collectable (compared to the original's mass release for children's play), Skywarp has a lot more paint applications.  The silver paint for the intakes is a very nice subtle touch.

Poseability is excellent in this mode.  Skywarp is versatile since he has various joints that gives as much range as balljoints.

His ankles can be tilted which keeps him stable in action poses.

The air intakes consist of a gimmick.  Unlike the original toy's springloaded missiles, this figure offers pressure-launching missiles which are really powerful and can fire the missile quite far.  However, this strips the toy of one of the coolest elements of the character which were the flipping launchers that stick far in front of the body.

The other element is that behind each wing are pieces which unfold into swords.

This is a compromise for the detaching wing that transformed into a sword of the original.  While the swords are smaller than you'd like, they're still deadly.

His hands are painted which means the swords are tight fitting and you'll probably easily chip some of the paint.

A great robot mode that is actually superior to Starscream.


Skywarp is a rare case of a remold/repaint being better than the original.  The new headsculpt is awesome, and the mold itself is fun.  The color scheme is wicked.  The only negatives are the exclusivity and the high price but otherwise, Skywarp is recommended.


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