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Toy Review: Transformers The Last Knight Megatron (Leader)

Review:  #409
Name:  Megatron
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  The Last Knight
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Leader (Wave 1)
Mold Status:  new


In The Last Knight, Megatron reclaims his original name and yet again changes his alt-mode, this time into a Cybertronian jet.

Unlike the effort from the first movie, the jet mode this time around is fantastic and looks great and aerodynamic.  The rear is a little bit weak with the gaps but otherwise, you can't mistake what this is supposed to be and it hides all the robot kibble really well (in plain sight, no less).

This is one of the biggest Leader classed figures we have had in many years (since RoTF pretty much), and he doesn't achieve this through hollow either.  Megatron feels substantial in your hands.  Above is a comparison against AoE Optimus.  You will definitely be surprised when you transform hi the first time into a jet and actually see how big he is.

Interestingly, the cockpit can lift up to show the seat inside.

There is front flip-down landing gear, but the rear rests on the robot chest pieces and dedicated winglets.

For some reason, he comes with two flame effects, these are made from transparent orange plastic.

You can attach the flames to the thrusters to show how fast he flies.

Partially the gimmick for robot mode but officially in the instructions, the jet nose can open up (springloaded via a button, it triggers really easily which is annoying during transformation) to reveal a cannon and you can peg in one of the flame effects for good measure.

An amazing jet mode.  If you thought the Voyager jet mode was great, you'll be glad to know that this Leader version is even better, and the silver brush effect on the nose is very nice in person too.


Transformation is interesting but not too complex.  It strikes a good balance.  The cleverest aspect is of course how to hide a robot with no obvious jet kibble (apart from the jet nose forming the fusion cannon) into a passable jet and you'd be surprised at how Megatron does it.  There are plenty of robot bits in jet mode "hiding" in plain sight which makes it all the more impressive.  Basically, the arms unfold from the fuselage and the legs unfold from the back of the jet underneath the wings.  The wings itself form a cape for robot mode but they rely on friction swivels which pop off really easily and are the most annoying part of the transformation.


Megatron gains a knight motif and is highly accurate to the onscreen model seen in the film.  The silver appears again on his waist skirts, shoulders and torso.

The wings fold onto his back like a cape and while it doesn't look that great in photos, it is a lot better in person and doesn't feel lazy.

The headsculpt has a menacing snarl and intricate sculpting.  It's too bad he lacks the red on his face which would have been a nice touch.  The pieces on either side of his face are springloaded though as they relate to a gimmick.

Flipping a switch at the back of his head will move the mouthpiece up to be replaced by a mouthplate, and the pieces on the side of his head to close in.  It is an awesome unobtrusive gimmick and it's a lot of fun swapping between the two.

While huge in jet mode, robot mode is more in line with the current sizes of Leaders.  Still, he feels substantial and bulky in your hands.

His fusion cannon is permanently attached to his arm and while looking awkward in pictures, it's great in hand.  Plus, the shape looks like it could pass as a shield.

Articulation is good, however he has the "inwardly bent" elbows which he compensates with having wrist swivels.  Although this is hampered by hollow forearms so having normal looking elbows will show off the gappy forearm.

The flame effect can attach onto his cannon which looks powerful there.

His other weapon is a wicked looking sword, with a hooked tip that looks devastating and prime to rip out the enemy's body.

While he can hold the sword in either hand, of course his left is preferred since he doesn't have the giant cannon in the way.

Megatron may look top heavy but he's actually stable in all poses and has a lot of versatility.  The ankles are jointed such that he can keep his feet flat at all times.

Undocumented in the instructions but you can store the sword onto his back.

One of the negatives with the flame effects is that you cannot store them in this mode.  The best that you can do is either let Megatron hold them like clubs, or peg them onto the jet thrusters on his back but then they'll stick out way over his head.

The two front pieces of his waist armor are soft plastic which is sad.  Otherwise, finally we get a Leader Megatron that doesn't suck.  This is one of the best Movie Megatron figures that we've had, he is just a great robot overall.


While the Voyager rendition of the character (and the Legion one for that matter) were amazing figures in their own right, this Leader version manages to just edge out as the best rendition just because of its size, perfect complexity and the fun gimmicks.  While the oversized cannon is not screen accurate, it's a lot of fun and the inclusion of the battle mask completes the knight motif.  Megatron is highly recommended.


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