Saturday, April 14, 2018

Book Review Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 11

Review:  #737
Title:  Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 11
Series:  Neon Genesis Evangelion - 11th volume
Author:  Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Read Before:  no
Comments:  The downer atmosphere continues to permeate throughout the whole volume as Shinji, to no one’s surprise, continues to sulk.  It is understandable though since a lot of his friends are dead and the remaining ones leaving or severely injured.  There was a nice shocking twist as Nagisa’s true identity was revealed.  The plot is a little bit confusing but not to the point of being overly complex.  The different objectives between Seele and Gendo are still a little bit vague.  Despite all the sulking in this volume, so many things are happening in the background that you don’t notice how quickly you’re consuming the pages.  The ending continues to show the reality of the cruelty of humans and is yet another cliffhanger.
Rating:  7/10
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