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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Grimlock

Review:  #441
Name:  Grimlock
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Power of the Primes
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Voyager (Wave 1)
Mold Status:  new


Grimlock transforms into a robotic T-Rex reminiscent of his G1 self.  This is probably the most accurate representation since the original toy.

It is not perfect though since his tail is too long and wide as they are the robot legs pegged together and the back of his lower torso is hollow.

As part of the Power of the Primes line, he comes with a character card.

In terms of size, above is a comparison against Age of Extinction Grimlock.  Power of the Primes Grimlock feels less substantial due to the significant usage of hollow parts.

The robot weapons, which doubles as the combiner mode's feet, attaches to the side of his legs.

This mode is also semi-posable.  He lacks a neck swivel but can look up and down, open his mouth, his arms are on balljoints and his legs have multiple joints as they double as the robot's arms.

A good mode overall and looks great even if he is a little bit unstable when you hold him in your hands due to its tendency to split apart at the bottom due to the transformation scheme of the gold chest piece.


Grimlock has a simple transformation but it is quite interesting in how the robot torso is formed.  It is split in half and then pulled up to cover the dinosaur's torso.  Otherwise, nothing else is surprising with the head folding on his back, wings forming from the dinosaur torso and the tail splitting to become the robot lets.


Grimlock's robot mode is also very accurate to his G1 self, although the torso is proportionally really big.

He carries the typical Grimlock kibble being the dinosaur head on his back and his "wings".  However, they are small enough to not be a hindrance or feel lazy at all.

The headsculpt is really good but it is only on a swivel joint.

In terms of size, he appears bulky but once you have him in hand, you come to realize that he feels much lighter than you'd expect for something this size, and as a result, feels flimsy as well.

Poseability is solid, he even packs in a waist swivel.

His hips are on tight ratchets, so getting them to the right notch will probably move something else.  The tight ratchets are required for combined mode.

Grimlock lacks his iconic sword and this hurts.  Instead, he gets two combiner feet pieces to use as weapons, as well as the Dinobot Enigma.

The Enigma pegs into the slot for the combiner piece, and these pieces act as shields/gauntlets for Grimlock.

It actually doesn't look half bad since the sculpting for the feet makes it seem like claws when used this way.  Also note that the chest doesn't peg together too solidly and is prone to splitting apart when moving his shoulders.

A strong robot mode and despite having to incorporate a third mode, it doesn't compromise the robot mode all that much.


Grimlock is a good figure overall.  He feels a bit light and flimsy due to the transformation scheme of having his robot chest split and attach again for each mode.  However, he is currently the best updated rendition of G1 Grimlock.


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Grimlock features the ability to form the torso of Volcanicus.

Transforming him into torso mode is really interesting and presents more surprises than the transformation from dinosaur to robot mode.

The biggest flaw in this mode is how wide the shoulders are, making it seem lanky despite having the advantage of having the size of a Voyager to work with.

There are still some issues in this mode, mainly pieces that are supposed to attached together but keeps coming loose whenever you move something.

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