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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Rodimus Prime

Review:  #440
Name:  Rodimus Prime
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Power of the Primes
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Leader (Wave 1)
Mold Status:  new


We'll start with Hot Rod first, who transforms into a fictional sports car.  This a slick car built for speed.

The back is a bit off thanks to the exposed robot feet.  Otherwise, this is a good car mode.

As part of the Power of the Primes toyline, he comes with a character card.

Hot Rod by himself is approximately the size of a Deluxe, above is a comparison against Movie Wreckage.

There are no gimmicks in this mode apart from rolling wheels.  He looks good though and that's what counts.


To transform Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime's vehicle mode, you just attach the trailer via a series of pegs and clips.  It is actually a tight and solid fit.

Rodimus Prime's vehicle mode is a type of truck hybrid (basically a car with a big trailer attached).  It looks pretty good nonetheless.

The back is defined by the larger robot's feet, although it is passable since there's not massive gaps or whatnot.

With the trailer attached, he is the same size as a typical Leader classed toy, above is a comparison against Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus.

The two robot weapons can attach on top of the trailer.

Unfortunately, the flame details are stickers and what is worse is that they are on top of transformation hinges, meaning they'll probably crease and peel right out of the box.

The trailer's spoiler and the separate vehicle's spoiler are on two different levels, which makes it look lazy and out of sync.

Lastly, the robot fists are visible if you look at the vehicle from a lower angle, a bit disappointing in this aspect.  The designer could have easily added in a cover (and it doesn't even have to be jointed since it won't affect transformation or clearance at all).

Rodimus Prime's vehicle mode looks good but there are a few flaws.


Hot Rod is formed from the singular vehicle mode and he transforms pretty much like you expect him to with the exception that the hood doesn't form the chest anymore.  Rather, his whole robot is visible at the underside of the vehicle and you just need to pull out his shoulders, flip his head out and fold the roof up.


Hot Rod's robot mode is decent although there are some proportion issues, in particular with the large torso and skinny arms.

He has the rear of the vehicle and the windshield as his backpack, and despite how the hinges look, you cannot fold them on top of each other to be more compact.

The headsculpt is fantastic and the head is on a balljoint.

In robot mode, Hot Rod is a fair bit bigger than a Deluxe, but smaller than a Voyager.  Above is Wreckage again but also with Power of the Primes Voyager Grimlock.

Articulation is okay.  Hot Rod lacks a waist joint.  Featuring his iconic side spoilers on the outside of his forearms, it can double up as guns.

Thanks to transformation, his ankles have hinges which can be used during posing.

His weapons are a pair of guns.

The guns can be held in either hand but when not in use, there is no other way to store them on the robot.

Unfortunately, the windshield on his back gets in the way of his hip articulation.  It's annoying that it sits so low and with no way to move it out further.

A good robot mode hampered slightly by the kibble.


Sadly, Rodimus Prime is a partsformer.  You have to detach the front of the trailer to get the arms and while disappointing, it is hard to see how else it can be done.  The trailer itself has a simple transformation where you just open the trailer, fold out the legs and then close it again.  Hot Rod attaches securely with multiple pegs.  The robot arms attaches to Hot Rod's legs.


To be fair, most people would get the figure for the robot mode of Rodimus Prime and he does look really good.  Big, bulky and powerful.

A large part of the trailer shell sits on his back as kibble.

The headsculpt is older and more lined.  It is on a swivel joint so can only look from side to side.

If you open up the chest (which is actually the start of transforming him back) you reveal the Matrix of Leadership.  The core can be replaced by any Titan Master, Prime Master or Enigma of Combination.

In terms of size, he is a little bit taller and bulkier than other Leaders.  Despite the hollow parts, Rodimus feels hefty.

Articulation is great as you'd expect.  The only restrictions are his shoulders, which are Hot Rod's hips.  The shoulder joints are right next to his head, rather than in the shoulder itself, so lifting it up makes him look awkward.

There's also the question of two shades of red, the lighter one of Hot Rod, and the darker burgundy of Rodimus.

His weapon is a gun which is formed from the combination of the two smaller guns.

Rodimus has wrist swivels which is great.  He also has huge heelspurs.

A number of details are stickers once again, so they will eventually peel in time and makes the figure look a bit tacky.

A strong robot mode with the only flaw being his awkwardly jointed shoulders.


Rodimus Prime packs in a lot of play value.  You get four modes and all four is solid and quite fun.  Rodimus Prime himself looks awesome as befitting of an Autobot leader.  This figure is highly recommended and great value for money.


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