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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Optimus Prime

Review:  #439
Name:  Optimus Prime
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Power of the Primes
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Leader (Wave 1)
Mold Status:  new


The Leaders of the Power of the Primes line is different in that they have two modes, a separate robot mode that forms the core of the larger robot mode, and this also means two different (but connected) alternate modes.   In Optimus' case, Orion Pax's vehicle mode is just the cab.

This is one of the worst Optimus truck mode we have had since the original Classics Deluxe version.  The arms at the back are fully exposed, and the chestplate unceremoniously lies on his back, sticking out.  The back of the head forms the hitch.

It's terrible at how it looks and it isn't helped that the cab isn't square since the back part is narrower.  If it was cab, it'll be easier to forgive the exposed robot parts.

The cab is fairly small, above is a comparison against Movie Deluxe Wreckage.

As part of the Generations Power of the Primes line, the figure comes with a card with a piece of the artwork.

A disappointing and subpar truck mode.  You might forgive some of its flaws due to what it has to achieve but it's no excuse for its shoddiness.


To get Optimus Prime's traditional alternate mode, just connect the trailer to the hitch and you're done.

The trailer will be familiar to all.  The flat back is a bonus as you would have expected some sort of gap or exposed robot parts there.

It is not all glory though since the stripe detailing are stickers, which is prone to peeling especially when there are hinged involved.

Liberties had to be taken with the trailer as well with plenty of transformation seams, and even the faux truck cab roof at the front, sticking out like a sore thumb.  The gun pegs onto the top.

With the trailer attached, Optimus is one of the bigger Leader classed figures we have had in a while.  Above is a comparison against Generations Ultra Magnus.

With the trailer, it's easier to forgive the shortcomings of both the cab and the trailer.  You can see that this mode has to give in favour of the robot mode.


Orion Pax is formed from just the cab portion.  It's a simple transformation, with the rear forming the legs, and the back of the cab unfolding to become the arms.  The chestplate lifts up to complete the torso and the sides of the cab flip to the back of the robot (which would later form the chest of Optimus Prime).


It's not everyday you get an Orion Pax toy (the last original mold was also, coincidentally, was from Generations, all others have been repaints of Kup), and this is a pretty good representation of the character.

The back of the robot mode is obviously the torso of Optimus Prime, but apart from this backpack, Orion is kibble-less.

The headsculpt is pretty nice and the head sits on a balljoint.

While as a cab he was fairly small, in robot mode, he is actually taller than a Deluxe (and feels a lot more substantial) but less mass than a Voyager, even though he looks to be as tall as Voyager Grimlock in the photo above.

Poseability is brilliant, Orion Pax is super flexible, in part thanks to the transformation scheme to form the torso.

His weapons are a pair of guns.

He's able to hold the guns in both hands although they're a bit large for him.

He has balljointed shoulders and hips, with hinged and swiveled elbows and knees.

The details on his shins are more stickers as well as the Autobot insignia on his chest.  The other details are painted.

A pretty decent robot mode that's an excellent representation of the character.


To get Orion Pax into torso mode, just fold him into a cube and pull up Optimus' head.  The trailer effective unfolds and the transformation scheme heavily involves folding the panels away and wrapping it around his limbs.  Understandable since the trailer is grey yet the robot mode needs to be blue and red.  Once you've unfolded the trailer, you'll be surprised at how light it feels and the large hollow space set aside for Orion Pax.


Optimus Prime's robot mode is the star of the show and it is a great figure.  It is also very reminiscent of the Masterpiece version.

From the back though is where the gimmick rears its ugly head, you can see the bulging backpack formed from Orion's legs, and also all the grey trailer parts folded around him.  The trailer parts aren't bad and integrated well into the limbs, it just doesn't look that great.

The headsculpt has got to be one of the best Optimus Prime heads we have seen, it looks amazing.  It is only on a swivel joint though.

He is a bit taller than Ultra Magnus and Optimus feels hefty in your hands (even with the hollowed limbs).

His chest can open to reveal the Matrix of Leadership, and the core of the Matrix can be replaced with any Titan Master, Enigma or Prime Master from the line.

Articulation is wonderful, while lacking a waist joint, he does have a great amount of motion in his shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.

The ankle tilts does a great job at keeping him flat on the table in so many poses.

Optimus' weapon is his iconic rifle formed by combining the two guns that Orion had.

Optimus is able to hold the weapon in either hand.  Again, some of the detailing on the figure are stickers (his forearms, shins and Autobot insignias).

This is a great figure to hold and play, he stays together really solidly and being quite sizable, he is fun to fiddle around with.

This is easily the best mode of the toy and is worth the compromises of the other modes.


The Leader figures of Power of the Primes has an awesome gimmick.  The "evolution" from Orion Pax to Optimus Prime in one figure means you get four modes for the price of one.  While there are aesthetics flaws in the truck mode, the robot modes more than make up for it and it is just so much fun transformation between the different modes.  The robot mode of Optimus is also really awesome to play with in person and is a solid robot mode all around.  Highly recommended even if just for the robot mode alone.


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