Friday, August 4, 2017

Stardust (2007)

Stardust is like a classic fairytale made into a film.  It blends action and adventure with good old fashioned romance to create a feel-good film.  Stardust starts off at a slow pace, with Tristan trying to woo a girl, decides to travel across the forbidden wall into a different world in order to retrieve a fallen star and prove his worth.  Once Tristan arrives at the crash site, he finds out that the star is in fact a woman.  Tristan manages to convince Yvaine, the fallen star, to return to his village to help him win his love before helping Yvaine return back into the skies.  The pair starts off lacking chemistry and disliking each other.  However, this quickly disappears and the film shows off how they eventually fall in love.  While the romance is a big part of the plot, an equal portion is the villains wanting to capture Yvaine for her ability of immortality.  Tristan travels across the magical kingdom meeting other characters, learning how to fight and generally having a good time.  It has all the aspects of a good story and it works well when it comes together for the finale where Tristan confronts their enemies.  Stardust is a funny, thoroughly enjoyable fantasy adventure film.

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