Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Toy Review: Transformers Legends God Ginrai

Review:  #396
Name:  God Ginrai
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Legends
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  N/A (combination of two Leader classed figures)
Mold Status:  new


God Ginrai is the combined form of Super Ginrai and Godbomber, however, Godbomber dedicates more of his engineering since he splits apart to form the additional armor for Super Ginrai.

Above is a comparison of Super Ginrai and Unite Warriors Dolrailer for reference later on to see how much taller the combined form gets.

As mentioned above, Godbomber breaks apart into various pieces to form the various armor for combined form.  The transformation of the torso component is more complicated than expected and the hardest part here is while it seems floppy, once you attach it to Super Ginrai, it's very secure.  For the combination to work, it makes use of the various new parts of Super Ginrai, including the extending arms and the new feet.


God Ginrai looks fantastic and gains a lot of bulk.

Being a combination of two Leader sized figures, there is invariably some kibble from leftover pieces.  The biggest one is the backpack which is Godbomber's torso and half of his arms.

God Ginrai gains a considerable amount of extra height.

The headsculpt remains the same as Super Ginrai's.  As the combination is Super Ginrai gaining pieces of armor, he retains the same level of articulation as the base figure.

The only negative is the weight which his feet can't handle in some poses, forcing him to keel backwards.  Otherwise, this combined mode is probably part of the reason why Super Ginrai had tight ratcheted hips and knees.

The main weapons here are the shoulder cannon, two overhead guns (Super Ginrai's weapons) and Godbomber's sword, which God Ginrai only manages to hold loosely.

While the feet extension does look like God Ginrai is walking on stilts underneath, this is an extremely nice combined mode that complements both figures.


Super Ginrai itself is an excellent figure and Godbomber on its own is decent enough, although it does sacrifice a bit for this mode.  However, the combined mode is fantastic and well worth any compromise to the individual components.  So if you already have Super Ginrai, then definitely get Godbomber for this option if nothing else.


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