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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Titans Return Broadside & Blunderbuss

Review:  #397
Name:  Broadside
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Generations - Titans Return
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Voyager (Wave 4)
Mold Status:  retool of Generations Titans Return Alpha Trion


First off, lets take a look at the Titan Master first, whose name is Blunderbuss.

He has a drab grey color scheme but at least the red torso helps breaks the bleakness apart.

There's some nice sculpted detailing on the head and arms.


Broadside transforms into an aircraft-carrier and he looks fantastic in this mode.  Unfortunately, this is his best mode by far (which means the other two are somewhat underwhelming).

While for the most part this mode is solid, the rear is hollow since it's only a panel and the jet nose underneath.

Interestingly, Broadside comes with mini versions of the Aerialbots (based on their Combiner Wars versions) still on sprue which you have to detach in order to peg onto various spots on the figure.  The thick white paint obscures most of the sculpting.

Thanks to the large surface area, Broadside appears sizeable, above is a comparison against Titans Return Megatron.

Like all Titans Return figures, Broadsides comes with a card showcasing his artwork.

There are three fold-out struts to support this mode on a flat surface.

There are various spots to place Titan Masters around, the first is that the bridge flips back to reveal a seat.

The robot weapon can peg onto various spots and the Titan Master can sit in it.

Scale is thrown out of whack here since the Titan Master is so big compared to the Aerialbots.

Lastly, with the trend of Hasbro cheapening out and opting for stickers for detailing instead, Broadside has multiple stickers to make the runway which will immediately start peeling off at the corners or are misapplied as soon as you pull him out from the packaging.

A strong vehicle mode and the mini Aerialbots sweeten the deal.


Transforming Broadside to jet mode isn't too hard since you flip the jet nose over from the back of the carrier and then split the nose to fiddle around to somehow make the back of the jet mode.  The wings fold out from the side.


Broadside is an extensive retool of Alpha Trion but even with all the remolding, they couldn't make the jet mode any good.

This is an abomination.  The robot legs form the back and they just stick there.  The robot thighs do slot in but it just feels so lazy, especially since the front half actually doesn't look half bad.

The robot gun can peg onto the middle.  You can fiddle around with the back to make it a little bit more streamline but you lose stability that way.

The Aerialbots can also peg onto various places including the wings and next to the cockpit.

In terms of size, he is fairly big here as well but since he's more compact, he is more in line with typical Voyagers.

There's no landing gear and there's a lot of compromises.  The wings feel thin and flimsy and they have sticker detailing again.

Lastly, the cockpit opens up for Blunderbuss to pilot in.

A disappointing jet mode, there's a surprising amount of clear blue plastic used.  Even though it is a retool of an existing figure, they changed 80% of the figure and the remaining 20% just so happens to be the problem child...


From jet mode, you're already most of the way there.  You just need to flip the jet nose onto his back, move the shoulders up and flip out the hands, then separate the back to form the legs.


The robot mode is one of the better modes (but the carrier mode just edges out to be slightly more awesome).

Broadside carries a bit of kibble in the form of the jet mode's wings (which are adjustable) and the jet nose on his back.

The headsculpt is fantastic.  There is a pylon on either side of the head to "bulk" it up.  The whole assembly is on a limited swivel so his head articulation is not hampered.

One of the best things about this figure is how it manages to convey Broadside's mass and stockiness.  He looks amazing in person.

Articulation is strong.  He doesn't have a waist swivel but everything else is stellar.

You'd notice that really, the only parts he shares with Alpha Trion are the design of his legs and feet.

His weapon is a transparent blue gun which looks... okay.

The gun can peg onto either of his shoulder and looks great there.

Obviously, he can also hold the gun in either hand.  Be aware that some figures suffer from loose joints.

There's a lack of painted detailing here, it's mostly just the plastic's colors.  It seems Hasbro spent all their budget painting over the transparent blue plastics.

A strong robot mode that does justice to the character.


Broadside is an average figure that just barely passes.  While the aircraft carrier mode and the robot mode are both strong and stellar, the jet mode is terrible and not excusable at all.  However, he is still worthwhile purely on the merits of the other two modes and it's not like Broadside has many updates since G1 anyway.


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