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Toy Review: Transformers Generations Titans Return Megatron & Doomshot

Review:  #398
Name:  Megatron
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  Generations - Titans Return
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Voyager (Wave 3)
Mold Status:  new


Doomshot is the Titan Maste for Megatron, being comprised of unpainted grey and red plastic, which at least helps highlight the sculpting.

Megatron's head is visible from the back as expected.

The headsculpt is interesting.  Articulation include the neck and shoulders which are balljointed.


Let's start with Megatron's tank mode, which is usually what he turns into when not into a gun.

Considering Megatron is a triple changer, this mode is pretty good.  The only awkward placements are the folded wings on the back and the semi-visible jet cockpit.

The fusion cannon for robot mode can be detached to reveal a much smaller cannon for the turret.  Using the jet thrusters as the front, and the tailfins for the sides is an interesting decision but it works well here.

Megatron is a Voyager sized figure and he is bulky in tank mode.  Above is a comparison against Voyager The Last Knight Optimus.

As part of the Titans Return line, Megatron comes with a card showcasing artwork of the robot mode.

The turret can rotate 360 degrees.

Interactivity with a Titan Master include being able to seat on on top of the turret, although it leaves too much of the Titan Master unprotected in an actual battle...

The second robot gun can also be pegged on top of the turret but makes it a lot bulkier.

You can also detach the guns and the Titan Master can sit on top of the grey gun.

A strong tank mode that works surprisingly well.


Transformation from tank mode to jet mode is deceptively simple but very effective and clever.  You do end up flipping the figure upside down, unfolding the jet nose, wings and hiding the sides of the tank underneath the wings.


Megatron seems to transform into a jet more and more these days but it still suits him.

This is a pretty good rounded jet overall and while there are compromises from being a triple change, it is not as much as previous efforts has been.  At least he is still very aerodynamic here.

Jet mode is still a decent size, thanks to the wingspan.  A negative is that the figure relies on stickers for detailing which are prone to peeling off right out of the packaging since the way they are applied, they will probably be catching on transformation joints.  The wings, top of the fuselage and the Decepticon insignias are all stickers which is disappointing.

Understandably, there's quite a bit of undercarriage including the tank turret (which at least the turret is slim so it doesn't cause extra bulk, but it also doubles as landing gear) and the sides of the tank tucked underneath his arms.  At least everything pegs in so it's not flopping around.

The Titan Master can now sit in the plane cockpit although the way you open it up is to flip the whole nose up which obviously breaks the immersion a little bit.

Finally, the second grey gun can also attach underneath the nose for storage in this mode.

Just like the tank, this is a surprisingly strong jet mode, even considering the compromises it had to make for being a triple changer.


Going to robot mode from jet mode is also fairly simple but interesting.  The arms may feel a little bit messy and the wings just seem to be hanging off somewhere but the chestplate was fun, and the legs are well designed.


Megatron's robot mode at first glance, is not very well proportioned thanks to the bulky upper body and thin legs but he looks a lot better in person.

He carries a fair bit of kibble on him, the tank turret and wings on his back, and the tank treads behind his arms.

The headsculpt is quite good but since the whole figure is unpainted grey, it cheapens the look a fair bit.  He has springloaded pylons on either side of the head to bulk the head up but it restricts head articulation.

Megatron is once again bulky in this mode.  The figure overall is just satisfying to hold in your hands.

Megatron's fusion cannon is formed by the large cannon on the tank turret combined with his grey gun and then pegged onto either arm.

Articulation is strong but his relatively small footprint may cause some nuisance in various poses.

While it may seem that he lacks a lot of paint, it's just what the designers rather used it on, which is painting the hands and fusion cannon black... (guess there was a reason that they couldn't have casted them in the same black plastic as the tank treads).

The arms, while bulky, are surprisingly mobile as well and Megatron's kibble doesn't get in the way of his articulation at all.

The mold works surprisingly well as Megatron (since you figured it would have been mainly designed as Blitzwing with Megatron as the pre-tool).  He pairs well with Optimus from the same wave too.

A strong robot mode which you wouldn't have been able to tell from stock photos.  He looks great in hand and a lot of fun to pose.


Megatron is a surprise since he is well engineered and actually suits the character despite the mold being obviously for Blitzwing.  With two solid alternate modes and an excellent robot mode, the designers have gotten really good at making triple changers.  Megatron (or his retool Blitzwing), is highly recommended.


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