Friday, August 11, 2017

Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad had all the right ingredients for a fantastic film.  A part of the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad is like The Justice League, only the members are all villains.  A group of supervillains, most with special powers, combine into one team and become anti-heroes to save the world.  This type of film usually feeds off the team's dynamics and relationship with each other.  Unfortunately, Suicide Squad lacks that teamwork aspect and makes the characters all seem uninteresting.  The film began with a great introduction of each character, their powers and their backgrounds.  Once the villain turns out though and they are begrudgingly forced into a team, somehow, the writers and director managed to make it so generic and bland.  Ignoring the fact that the circumstances leading up to the creation of this ensemble was rubbish, or that the film featured a high amount of fantasy magic with huge amounts of destruction, a team of ragtag members, half of which who don't have similar magical powers, the film doesn't manage to convince you that they are able to stop the world's destruction.  A lot of the achievements by the team seem to be succeeded through sheer luck.  There area lot of gunfights, fistfights and confrontations but the plot isn't strong enough to give meaning behind each scene.  It's basically a string of fights to try and create a visual spectacle yet fails to deliver.  Suicide Squad had its high points, with the better characters being Deadshot and Harley Quinn, but it stumbles a lot, losing most of its potential.

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