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Toy Review: Transformers Legends LG-42 Godbomber

Review:  #395
Name:  Godbomber
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Autobot
Line:  Legends
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Leader (approx.)
Mold Status:  new


Currently exclusive to the Japanese Legends toyline (the equivalent of Hasbro's Generations Titans Returns line), Godbomber comes in a fancy-ish window box.

Stock photos on the back display his three modes and most importantly, the ability to combine with Legends Super Ginrai.

Like the rest of the figures in this line, Godbomber comes with a comic and interestingly, includes a shot of him using Combiner Wars limbs which is pretty cool.


Like the rest of the line, the Headmaster is a basic unit but unlike most of Hasbro's attempts, TakaraTomy bothers to put some paint onto them to break up the colors.

The head is visible at the back and it is unpainted too except for the eyes.

There's limited articulation being balljoints for the head and shoulders.


Godbomber transforms into an armored trailer that has enough distinctive vehicle elements to pass as a standalone vehicle, if a little bit stumpy.

Knowing the nature of the figure as a glorified power armor for Super Ginrai, you can see that the vehicle is a hodgepodge of various pieces slapped together.

Godbomber is roughly a Leader sized figure, he's really more between a Voyager and a Leader though since all the bulk is an illusion, he's fairly hollow in both vehicle and robot mode.  Above is a comparison against Unite Warriors Dolrailer.

The main gimmick of this mode is of course the ability to act as an additional trailer for Super Ginrai and they look fantastic together.

The cannon on top is on a hinge so can aim up.

The cockpit folds down which the Headmaster can sit in.

There are actually three seats which is neat.  While the windshield portion is painted silver, the rest of the front is unpainted grey plastic.

A neat vehicle mode that has its charms.


Unfortunately, unlike the transformation to robot mode, in order to get to base mode, Godbomber partsforms.  You need to detach the legs (which are attached via Combiner Wars ports!) to put onto the sides.  Otherwise, it's not an involved process as you pull the wings down and open up the front...


Base mode is not too bad, it feels like a weapons armament with the giant cannon and the missile pods.   Unfortunately, it is a little bit gappy when looking from the sides.  On the whole, it stays together well.

One of the best things about this mode is the sheer number of meaningful places to place Headmasters and Titan Masters.  First up is the cannon on top which a Headmaster can man.

Next is similar to vehicle mode, at the front where the cockpit used to be.  You can sit another one behind the three seats.

The pieces at the side (the super robot mode's feet) has a seat too which is a neat touch.

This is an interesting one since the seat is situated on the back, behind the cannon.  It's a seat formed by the robot mode's helmet.  Of course, there are also various pegs to stand Headmasters and Titan Masters in.

Lastly, the cannon can detach to act as some sort of separate vehicle.

A better than expected base mode for something that was most likely an afterthought.


While Godbomber in theory does not require any detaching of pieces to get from vehicle mode to robot mode, unfortunately a number of figures suffer from loose connections in the arms.  The arms detach for combiner with Super Ginrai, and on some figures, it's so loose that it falls off and constantly detaches which is extremely frustrating.  Otherwise, it is a really simple transformation, lacking any sort of complexities.  Most of the complex engineering went into the combination with Super Ginrai instead.


Godbomber is a bulky bot that looks quite good, despite the huge forearms.

He has a fair bit of kibble, most noticeable of which are the wings which stick out behind his back.

Like most Leader-sized Headmasters/Titan Masters, the head without the helmet looks truncated and incomplete.

With the helmet, which is a separate detached piece (so he partsform there), the headsculpt is much better and more heroic.

A size comparison with Dolrailer and you see that Godbomber towers over Voyagers.

A comparison with Super Ginrai (which he can combine with) and like vehicle mode, the bulk is an illusion since the forearms are panels that don't even cover all four sides and the torso mass is underwhelming.

Articulation is in theory great.  There are a few things that make it frustrating, the obvious one being the loose connections in the arms means that it'll fall off every time you adjust them.

The other annoying feature is the shoulders are connected to the wings on swivels and adjusting one will invariably move the other if you don't hold it in place.

Apart from the cannon being the obvious weapon, Godbomber has a sword as well (that can be stored by slotting underneath the cannon when not in use).

Godbomber has articulate hands, with wrist swivels, a hinge for the fingers and also a hinge for the thumb.  He still manages to hold the sword very securely.

The hips are weirdly jointed and their outward side movement are severely restricted.

As the legs uses Combiner Wars ports, you can give Godbomber bulkier legs which is actually pretty cool (above uses Unite Warriors Dangar and Greejeeber).

Apart from the loose connections, this is a solid robot mode.


Godbomber is a simple yet fun figure.  The only issues is the quality control not rectifying the loose arm connections.  Otherwise, both modes have a load of interactivity with Headmasters which is a nice surprise.


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