Thursday, June 29, 2017

Book Review: Accel World 7: Armor of Catastrophe

Review:  #670
Title:  Accel World 7:  Armor of Catastrophe
Series:  Accel World - 7th volume
Author:  Reki Kawahara
Read Before:  no
Comments:  Armor of Catastrophe has a strong start in which is explores and reveals the very beginnings of Chrome Disaster and how it came to be.  Surprisingly, it is wrapped up with the Imperial Palace and has a dark story that while sad, is fairly predictable.  The telling of this took almost one quarter of the novel, so when we finally get back to Silver Crow and Ardor Maiden at the cliffhanger from volume 6, it was welcomed.  Unfortunately, the plot stalls from then on as it focuses upon Takumi and his inner self.  From this volume onwards, Accel World feels like it is starting to spiral down the trap of introducing more and more powerful items or concepts to the point where so many people is aware and utilize these kind of powers that it makes earlier fights kind of pointless.  There are still plenty of cringeworthy dialogue and irrational decisions by the characters.  That being said, the world of Accel World still remains interesting and engaging.  While we didn’t manage to get the resolution of the Chrome Disaster problem involving Silver Crow, by the end (which also ends in a cliffhanger), you can see where it is going.  In the end, Armor of Catastrophe is a tad bit bloated towards the middle with a lot of talking and not enough action, but gives enough to be satisfying.
Rating:  7/10

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