Friday, June 23, 2017

The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Max is a happy dog living with his owner until one day; she brings another dog to live with them, a huge brown dog named Duke.  Naturally they fight for their dominance and ends up lost and having to travel back to their owner.  Along the way they meet with other animals who hate other domesticated animals and humans in general, as well as their friends coming around to save them.  Unfortunately, The Secret Life of Pets’ plot is extremely formulaic and familiar.  While the animation and voice acting are strong, a lot of the humor is predictable.  The characters are your typical clich├ęs and you know that the protagonists are going to make up and become the best buddies at the end.  Even the whole angle of the villain being an extremely cute bunny but is actually capable of evil has been done to death before.  The film is good to watch if you need to kill some time but it lacks any resemblance of nuances or complexities in its execution to be something you’d watch again and again.

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