Friday, June 30, 2017

Ghost Team (2016)

Ghost Team is an independent comedy-thriller which unfortunately is not very good.  It states that it explores the things people believe in to escape the monotony of everyday life but what you get is a generic plot with unfunny scenes.  Louis owns a print shop who believes in the paranormal.  He decides to assemble a team to investigate an abandoned barn as he believes that there are ghosts there.  The result is a ragtag of characters who decides to join in for the most unbelievable of reasons.  The film has so many failed humor that you feel it must not be trying to be a comedy.  There are a few sequences where it tries to be horror but that fails as well.  It doesn't capture your attention at all and when the climax comes and the paranormal is revealed, it becomes disappointing.  The sudden shift in tone and content at the end is so different from before that it feels like two different films.  The only positive in Ghost Team is Justin Long and even his performance is strained.  Overall, Ghost Team is a long drawn out film that would have been better if it was shortened by at least half its current length because the pacing is off, and there is not enough happening to sustain the 85 mins that it runs for.

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