Friday, June 2, 2017

Now You See Me 2 (2016)

A direct sequel with the return of most of the cast, it was surprising that this was produced given the first wasn’t amazing by any means and had a fairly closed story that was wrapped up.  This sequel actually has an engaging plot that works well and related back to the first film in a meaningful way.  The inclusion of the new villain coupled with some returning ones was an excellent touch.  Unfortunately, just like the original, Now You See Me 2 doesn’t so much have plausible magic than just effectively fantasy scenarios with impossible escapes one after another.  You’ll have the protagonists falling onto wet floor and disappearing, and other impossible summoning of items, it throws the realism away.  The plot centers on The Four Horsemen coming out of hiding to expose another corrupt rich businessman but finds themselves outwitted.  They need to retake the upper hand after falling so far and this takes up most of the time.  There is internal discord and accepts the help of another powerful person.  If you can forgive the impossibilities of most of the stunts then the film is worth watching and definitely better than the original.

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