Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Book Review: Sword Art Online: Progressive Vol. 1

Review:  #665
Title:  Sword Art Online:  Progressive Vol. 1
Series:  Sword Art Online:  Progressive - 1st volume
Author:  Reki Kawahara
Read Before:  no
Comments:  Based upon the spin-off light novel series, Progressive retells the story of Sword Art Online, one floor at a time.  This first volume follows the first floor, with the initial meeting between Kirito and Asuna as they slowly get to know each other.  If you have watched the anime and read the light novel, then most of the events will be familiar.  Granted, there were some dialogue and scenes that is slightly changed.  Nevertheless, the illustrator has managed to insert additional humour which helps in making the story more enjoyable, even if some of the dialogue and scenes can be cringeworthy.
Rating:  6.5/10

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