Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book Review: Dragonar Academy Volume 5

Review:  #659
Title:  Dragonar Academy Volume 5
Series:  Dragonar Academy - 5th volume
Author:  Shiki Mizuchi
Read Before:  no
Comments:  The story arc involving Lucca and her dragon comes to an end in this volume.  Milgauss’s true identity is hinted at which is actually quite intriguing.  The battle between Ash and Milgauss was one-sided in that Milgauss was absurdly powerful.  Up until this point, Ash was portrayed as the ultimate knight who cannot be defeated since he has these extraordinary powers so it somewhat sucked to see him beaten fairly easily.  A sore point is when Ash and Sylvia travel to the capital to greet the King.  Once again, it follows typical manga convention by showing that the King is a solemn serious person in the first frame but in actuality, a weak and soft character with odd personality.  It is disappointing in this aspect and you can’t help but feel that the whole plot is melodramatic, especially with the villains speculating their plans for Eco being the Princess of Avalon and to be forced upon their “mechanized throne”.
Rating:  6/10

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