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Toy Review: Transformers United Seekers: Elites Thrust

Review:  #383
Name:  Thrust
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  United
Year of Release:  2012
Size Class:  Deluxe
Mold Status:  remold of the Classics Starscream mold


As an Asia exclusive and forming part of the United line, Thrust came in the boxset named "Seekers:  Elites".

The pack included the three Coneheads, being Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust.

Carrying a premium pricing to match the premium packaging, it contains a flap to reveal the window showcasing the three figures.


Thrust transforms into a heavily modified F-15 fighter jet, the obvious difference being the VTOL wings.

This is a well formed jet but by the time of its release, the mold was starting to become outdated.

Thrust is a Deluxe size and is pretty much the benchmark for this size class (above is a comparison with the later released Unite Warriors Shuttler).

The VTOL fans are actually detachable but the only other place they can attach are on the underside of the rear tailfins, so not much point there.  Also note that the fans are painted in a metallic red (more about this paint later).

The nose is also shortened compared to the Starscream release for robot purposes.  A strong jet mode and unique with its VTOL wings.


Basic and tiring at this stage.  Extend the rear to form the legs, unfold the arms from the body of the jet, and then rotate and fold the nose to form the torso.  The robot head is the tip of the jet nose, and thus, you can see the robot face on the underside in jet mode.


Thrust's robot mode is spot on and looks fantastic.

To mimic the G1 character design, you can leave the wings untransformed and so sits on either side of his waist, rather than his shoulders.

The headsculpt is great, and the silver used to highlight the face is a good choice.

A quick size comparison and you can see that Thrust is at a decent height.

One of the drawcards of this set was that the figures have additional metallic paint applications.  Unfortunately for Thrust, the metallic red used is prone to fading (quickly) overtime and thus makes your figure look tacky.  The paint is on Thrust's shoulders, waist plate, knee caps and VTOL fans.

Poseability is average, he lacks elbow swivels which hurts this mold the most.  The heelspurs also don't do a great job of keeping him upright in action poses.

His nullrays are spring loaded missile launchers, which presents the main play value in this mode.

Leaving the wings untransformed, while accurate to the character, severely hinders his articulation.  You can fold the wings up (but cannot leave the VTOL fans it will get in the way of his shoulders) and peg the VTOL somewhere else, like the tailfins on his legs.

An excellent looking robot mode, but the mold is showing its age since its design is not as strong as contemporary figures.


This version of Thrust is nearly the definitive version of the character, unfortunately, the fading metallic paint holds it back.  While not doubt looking impressive brand new and when he was first released, the paint will continue to fade even if you don't open the packaging.  Otherwise, this is a classic mold and does the character justice.


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