Friday, May 12, 2017

The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

This animation takes place in Inca, where the young emperor Kuzco wants to demolish a local village to build his own villa.  Of course, one of the villager, Pacha protests is not happy but Kuzco ignores him.  Through his own selfishness Kuzco ends up being turned into a llama and is being hunted.  He now has to rely on Pacha to take him back to the city and reclaim his throne.  The Emperor's New Groove has an interesting sense of humor.  It is not typical slapslick comedy, nor does it rely on crude humor.  It has a level of sophistication to to it that isn't present in other Disney films that only gets better each time you watch the film.  The pacing is brisk since it the length clocks in below 80 minutes.  Kuzco and Pacha has a great chemistry together as does the pair of villains, Yzma and Kronk.  While the plot is simplistic, the journey of how Kuzco realizes his own selfishness and changes as a person makes for a powerful impact, with the finale emphasizing the teamwork between him and Pacha.

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