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Toy Review: Transformers Unite Warriors UW-EX Shuttler (Movor)

Review:  #377
Name:  Shuttler
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  Unite Warriors
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Deluxe
Mold Status:  repaint of Unite Warriors Blast Off


Shuttler (or known as Movor in the dubbed version of the Robots in Disguise cartoon) transforms into a space shuttle, in the more traditional color scheme of black and white.

The gun is able to be detached if you so wish.  The robot arms are on the sides which makes the shuttle fatter than it should, although it tries to hide it as an extra pair of thrusters, it fails somewhat.

In terms of size, it is your standard Deluxe.  Above is a comparison against United Thrust (which uses the base Classics Starscream mold).

While the arms sticking out the side aren't ideal, this is still a decent shuttle mode.


Similar to other Combiner Wars Deluxes as you'd expect, where the legs fold out from the back, and the arms just fold up.  The front of the shuttle is more interesting since the nose collapses inside and then tucks onto the back of the robot mode.


Since the original mold was based off the G1 cartoon animation, compared to the Robots in Disguise character based off the toy itself, the robot mode of Shuttler isn't quite as accurate to the cartoon model.

However, TakaraTomy has put some effort in since Shuttler now uses the other side with the combiner peg as his chest, colored yellow, and swapped the hands around compared to Unite Warriors Blast Off.  Therefore, only the thrusters for feet is the only significant inaccuracy.

The headsculpt is fantastic, with his visor painted orange.  As a byproduct of transformation, the head doesn't lock in, although it's more of an issue during transformation since it likes to pop off.

As the wings are tucked onto the sides of his legs, Shuttler doesn't have as imposing a silhouette as you'd expect.  He also doesn't have much recognizable vehicle kibble.

Articulation is one of Shuttler's strongest points as he has all the joints you've come to expect including waist swivels and ankle tilts.

His large feet makes him easy to balance in all sorts of poses.

For weapons, Shuttler has the pistol the original mold came with, but also a redeco of Unite Warriors Scrapper's gun.

Naturally, he can hold a gun in each hand for some dual-wielding action.

His hips are restrictions for whatever reason, you can't spread them apart that much which hinders a lot of potential.

If you feel like some fun, you can attach the combined mode's hands to the pegholes on top of his fists for some giant fist weapons.

A great update to a character that you would not have expected to get an update.  The slight tweaks to the base mode also helps to cement this homage.


Shuttler as a figure is great, and is a nice update to the Robots in Disguise character, which you wouldn't have expected to be updated since that series wasn't too popular to begin with.  While there are some inaccuracies due to being a redeco, the slight tweaks such as reversing the chest and the additional gun helps a lot in making this figure unique.


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Of course, as part of the Unite Warriors line, Shuttler can form either an arm or a leg.

His arm mode is good and you can get the shuttle nose to point up, just a bit sad that it's not as pointy or sticks out as much as the original.

His leg mode is basically the shuttle mode, with the nose jutted out, and the thrusters folded forward.  That's all for this review, thanks for reading!

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