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Toy Review: Transformers Unite Warriors UW-EX Dolrailer (Mega-Octane)

Review:  #378
Name:  Dolrailer
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  Unite Warriors
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Voyager
Mold Status:  repaint of Generations Combiner Wars Onslaught


Dolrailer, or Mega-Octane as he is known in the dubbed version of the cartoon, transforms into an anti-aircraft vehicle.

The rear is a bit gappy due to nothing covering the combiner ports.  The turret with the guns is also a bit of a mess since it is the combined mode's chestplate and head.

In comparison with Onslaught, Dolrailer has the benefit of an extra pair of guns which peg in front of the originals, leading to an impressively long and gigantic pair of guns.  This more accurately reflects the original toy's oversized guns as well, making a great homage.

Dolrailer is a Voyager sized class figure, and above is a comparison against Human Alliance Jazz.

In vehicle mode, Dolrailer is the one that can carry the combined mode's limbs kibble.  It attaches (very tightly) onto the sides, to create a sort of extra guarding.

Unfortunately, the additional pair of guns is unpainted gold plastic so it doesn't look as nice as the painted attachments.  Nevertheless, this is a fantastic repaint.


No changes to transformation and it is quite simple to convert Dolrailer into robot mode.  The rear extends to become the legs, and the front splits (neatly similar to the original) in half to form the arms.  Flip the head up and the turret pieces onto the back and you're finished.


The robot mode is large and bulky, although his legs looks to be proportionally a little bit short.

The combined mode's chestpiece which is also the vehicle mode's turret, sit as a gigantic backpack.  It doesn't truly lock into place but it doesn't get in the way too much either.

The headscupt is good and captures the character's look quite well.  It is only on a swivel joint though so cannot look up or down.

A quick comparison with Onslaught, Dolrailer has the more vibrant colors.  Although the sculpting doesn't support it, the chest is painted to look like the cartoon model.

Onslaught is standard height for a figure in this class and he feels solid in your hands which is the important thing.

Poseability is good and he has large heelspurs to help his stability.

His arms have multiple joints.  He lacks a waist swivel however.

In addition to the guns on his back, Dolrailer has another pair of guns.  These are repainted ones from Unite Warriors Scattershot.

Of course, the big bonus here now is that Dolrailer has a pair of handheld weapons, AND also the iconic guns sticking out from his back.

Dolrailer has a lot of paint applications, and not necessarily in the places you'd expect, from the orange on the side of his forearms, to the black on his hands.

A strong robot mode that homages the character well.


A great homage to the character in both modes, and something you wouldn't really expect since the cartoon series was never too popular to begin with (as it started as being a filler series).  The mold is solid and the paint job is spectacular.


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Obviously Dolrailer combines to form the mighty Ruination, so here's a quick look at his torso mode and combined mode.

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