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Toy Review: Transformers Unite Warriors UW-EX Dangar (Armorhide)

Review:  #381
Name:  Dangar
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  Unite Warriors
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Deluxe
Mold Status:  repaint of Generations Combiner Wars Brawl


Dangar, otherwise known as Armorhide in the RiD English dub, transforms into a tank.

This tank is pretty good although the turret is fixed into place, it does not swivel at all.

On comparison with Combiner Wars Brawl, of which this is a pure repaint, the extra robot gun pegs onto the top of the turret and doesn't look too bad there.

In terms of size, Brawl is compact.

A solid tank mode.  While lacking a bit in paint applications, his treads are fully painted and he has camouflage.


Dangar has a simple transformation and reminiscent of all the other Combiner Wars Deluxes.  However, there is a severe flaw in its engineering and that is how the torso forms.  It does not click into place and it is shocking at how this even went passed the QA phase.


Dangar's robot mode has more of the brown coming out, which makes Dangar probably one of the worse color schemes in the set.

He carries the turret on his back but it isn't much of a problem since it is hollow after all.

The sculpting for his head is nice, although the brown plastic makes it look a bit icky.

In comparison with Brawl, the lighter colors help bring out the sculpted details.

Dangar is standard height for a Deluxe.

Dangar's poseability, while not bad, is more restricted than others in the line.  This is due to the short forearms and weird jointing of the elbows.

Not to mention the terrible design of the torso which leaves a hollow gap and doesn't securely lock into place, so more than likely, it's going to come apart and flop around.

Dangar comes with an additional gun, a repaint of the one from Unite Warriors Scavenger.

The good thing with coming with an additional gun is of course, that you can leave the cannon pointing up from behind, which gives him Dangar his iconic silhouette.

If you wish though, you can detach the cannon and either have Dangar hold it like a traditional gun, or peg it onto the outside of his arm.

It's not a terrible figure, just slightly disappointing with the flawed torso.


Dangar is an average figure.  He isn't disastrous since he has a solid tank mode, and the robot mode is only really marred by the short arms and loose torso.  Otherwise, Dangar has good poseability and an okay color scheme.


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Dangar can transform into an arm or leg to form Baldigus (Ruination).

Dangar's standard configuration is a leg and looks great here.  However, the original Ruination toy has Dangar flipped around, which is not possible here since the back of the leg is flat (unlike the original toy which has the front of the tank pointing forward).

The arm mode is short and bulky, which looks powerful.  That's all for this review, thanks for reading!

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