Thursday, May 18, 2017

Toy Review: Transformers Unite Warriors UW-EX Hepter (Ro-Tor)

Review:  #380
Name:  Hepter
Brand:  Transformers
Allegiance:  Decepticon
Line:  Unite Warriors
Year of Release:  2017
Size Class:  Deluxe
Mold Status:  repaint of Unite Warriors Vortex which itself was a remold of Generations Combiner Wars Alpha Bravo


Hepter transforms into a sleek dark green and red combat helicopter.

He lacks any landing gear but easily lays flat on the table.  The guns peg on either side.

For a quick comparison to Combiner Wars Vortex, you can see Hepter has an extra pair of rotors.

Size-wise, Hepter is a Deluxe figure and while slim, is about the size you'd expect (above is a comparison against United Dirge).

A decent helicopter although the color scheme is a bit subdued.


Transforming into robot mode is easily and being released this late into the Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors line, a bit tiring and repetitive.  The only slight difference is that you fold up the extra pair of rotors onto the robot's back.


Hepter's robot mode brings out a lot more colors, being the orange and red.

The rotors is a bit more awkward now, with a pair sticking out to the sides and it doesn't tuck in as securely either.

The headsculpt remain great.  It's on a balljoint so has a lot of range there.

A comparison against Vortex, the figure doesn't have much kibble.

Once again slim in robot mode, he is average height for a Deluxe.

Poseability is decent although his hips are severely restricted, even though there shouldn't be any reason.  It is on a balljoint but it cannot move to the sides that much.

The rotors on his back also seems to be a bane in this mode, feeling awkwardly out of place and can get in the way although you can fold it up even further (depending on the tolerances of your figure since the rotors can be fairly tight).

Hepter comes with the original gun that goes with this mold, and also a recolour of the one that came with Unite Warriors Mixmaster.

These guns are in addition to the missile pods on the outside of his arms, so Hepter is well armed.

The figure is also very stable thanks to the large footprint.

A solid robot mode just slightly hampered with the rotor on his back.


Hepter is a good figure.  It has two solid modes and an easy transformation between them.  The remolded rotor is nice in vehicle mode but gets in the way somewhat in robot mode.  The color scheme is nice and homages a character we're unlikely to see homaged in the first place.


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Hepter combines to form Ruination, either as an arm or a leg.

Hepter usually forms the arm and this is a good arm mode, albeit a bit long proportionally.  The four-bladed robot also makes the robot mode more authentic to the character.

As a leg, it's basically a shortened helicopter mode.  Unfortunately, the two additional blades on the rotor once again gets in the way if you don't tuck them completely in, sticking out to the sides.  That's all for this review, thanks for reading!

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