Sunday, January 25, 2015

Book Review: The End

Review:  #463
Title:  The End
Series:  A Series of Unfortunate Events - 13th and final book
Author:  Lemony Snicket
Read Before:  yes
Comments:  If you were going into this book hoping for answers to all the mysteries the series has presented, you will be severely disappointed.  It is actually quite annoying that the author teased so many hidden secrets but doesn’t provide the answer to any of them.  The author is one big troll and made every single book before this redundant, there is no point to this series.  The End also feels like a big change in direction to some of the previous books, it doesn’t feel like a direct continuation from the previous books.  There were a lot of sections in which the author repeated things again and again, or had paragraphs upon paragraphs of nonsense.  This was to the degree where it does not add to the story or atmosphere at all.  The ending was unsatisfying and the plot wasn’t very interesting at all.  This is a mediocre novel and a poor ending to a series which begun with such potential.
Rating:  6/10

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