Sunday, January 4, 2015


A film that tells the story at a brisk pace, never straying into the boring side of things.  The plot is simple but because there is a wealth of information to convey to the audience about the backstory of the mutants, you don't notice that.  As you'd expect, the film focuses on a small-ish cast of characters but what's good is the fact that it shows off many other characters that has powers as well.  It makes it more believable and greater significance to the fact that the rest of the world is in fear of these mutants.  The special effects are decent, considering when this film was made, it still holds up to this day.  Some stunts were a bit iffy like when characters get thrown around of when they jump long differences, the trajectory and angle is off.  Even at 100 minutes long, X-Men feels too short.  You feel as it was building up and up and up and then it was over all too quickly.

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