Monday, January 12, 2015

Guarding Tess

Touted as a comedy but I ended up finding it not to be a movie that contained a lot of humour.  Nevertheless, the plot was interesting enough to keep you wanting to watch more and see where it is going to go.  It has somewhat of a predictable nature in that the main characters starts off at each other’s throats, then throughout the course of the film, they grow to respect each other.  It does a good job as presenting each of the two characters in negative lights and expresses the frustration of Nicolas Cage’s character well.  There turning point where the characters finally accept each other is sudden and comes out of nowhere, which is basically the only complaint.  The ending can be expected but is melodramatic and underwhelming in the end when the motives of the antagonists don’t justify their actions.  It seems random and tacked on.  The first half can seem tiring and slow moving but it helps build the background and shows us the personalities of each character.  A solid movie that isn’t amazing in any area but does a good enough job to make it worthwhile.

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