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To Love-Ru Darkness Vol. 12

VOL. 12

45 – Sister

Part 7 in the big Yami conflict, which is a bit stupid considering it’s supposed to be a bug in her program.  Anyway, after Mea, Nana and Momo show up, Mea heads off to distract Yami while the other two sisters let Rito know of a plan which could bring back the old, uncorrupted, Yami.  The fight scenes are forgettable and the author sneaked in some more suggestive frames in there.  Rito turns up and starts acting out his plan, which coincidentally reveals it to the reader.

Since the root cause of this “malfunction” was Rito in the first place, namely, his shameless acts performed unwilling, the way to reverse all this is for Rito to perform his shameless acts… this time willingly.  I guess it has some irony which makes actually makes it acceptable.  So in the end, this chapter wasn’t too bad.

46 – The End of Darkness

The final part involving Yami’s sudden change in personality (and wanting to destroy the world), this ended up turning into a big anti-climax.  So Rito carries out his plan to get Yami back to the way she was by purposely doing what he has been doing all along.  He trips but manages to stabilize himself, narrowly avoiding failure but then half the chapter is spent with him doing what he normally does along with a lot of reflection.

A few pages are filled with previous scenes with some cheesy dialogue.  Yami returns to her old self by the end of the chapter and we get some ominous shot of Nemesis, who is no doubt hatching some other plan.

47 – Bright Future

The chapter is spent with the aftermath of Yami’s breakout but it mostly focuses on Yami apologizing to everyone.  Rito keeps thinking about what he had to do and how he is going to broach that subject with Yami.

It ends up with another typical Rito accident but not surprisingly, Yami is all flustered and she doesn’t mind that much.  The last frame was actually quite funny.  A bit of a dull chapter, although it looks like while Nemesis accepts the loss of another one of her weapons, she hasn’t given up.

48 – Re-starting

Back to where it all began, Momo tries to advance her harem plan in this chapter.  Her aim is to advance Rito and Haruna’s relationship, although we all know that is not going to happen.  True enough, Mea disrupts the plan in her own way and we get confirmation that she has broken ties with Nemesis and is free now.

This is another typical chapter although the ecchi seems to be toned down a bit; it’s weird how this fluctuates so much from chapter to chapter.  The ending is another cliffhanger of sorts with the Deviluke Sisters’ mother coming down to Earth.  Hopefully this will be a good catalyst for humor and not another contender in the harem plan.

Extra – Adhesion Panic

This extra shows a situation in which Rito meets Kotegawa (out of pure chance) on the train back from the city.  It was actually pretty good in the beginning but of course, at the end of the chapter, it became very suggestive.  The train becomes jam packed and Rito accidentally does his usual.  Kotegawa understands (at first) but the situation becomes worse when things are awkwardly placed, which while it is getting old at this point, at least Rito’s consistent in his blundering.

Extra – Bath

As you can tell from the title, the chapter takes place inside the bathroom.  However, the person with Rito is not who you’d expect… his sister, Mikan.  It was odd and they start talking about stuff, stuff which seemed odd and against what we know about Mikan.  The siblings talk about Rito’s many love interests and how he is getting along with them.  As far as excuses go to get Mikan and Rito together in the bathroom, it’s pretty weak.  Mikan’s intentions also get more suspicious when the chapter ends with Momo outside, listening into the whole thing.


Half of the volume is dedicated to the completion of the Yami darkness arc and it’s not the big bang that you would have expected.  The other half is dealing with the aftermath and it ends up reverting back to the normal everyday events such as Rito getting into awkward situations again.  The drawing style is nice but the plot and ecchi humor is lacking in big ways.


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