Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Men in Black 3

An overdue sequel but at least it happened.  One shocking thing is how old Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) looks, much older than you would expect.  The whole plot revolves around time travel, with Agent J travelling back in time to save Agent K’s life.  The younger version of Agent K (by nearly 40 years) is played by a different actor and they did a pretty good job, both in terms of appearance and mannerisms.  It is passable and you can see more than just a slight resemblance between the older and younger K.  That’s probably all the positives of the movie because while it was still entertaining, it doesn’t stop you from realizing it has a decent amount of flaws.  It relied heavily on special effects and those effects weren’t very realistic.  I had to double check to make sure that the poor special effects weren’t done on purpose but alas, that was not true.  It even feels inferior to that point where the first two films felt better (relatively at that time).  It really breaks the immersion.  There is still some humour but it’s spaced much more sparsely.  The time travel element was okay, some effort has gone into making it more interesting and thought provoking.  The ending was heart enduring but the retcon felt forced.  It was a better movie than expected but wasn’t as fun as the last two movies.

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